Rotator cuff rupture (tear of the upper arm cuff-muscle of the shoulder):

The muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff enable the arm to be turned in and out. A tear of muscles or tendons in the shoulder can cause pain in the shoulder area as well as movement restriction of the arm especially the abduction movement.


Damage to the rotator cuff may occur due to accident or wear. Frequent trigger of the disease is a fall on an outstretched arm.


 Persistent pain in the shoulder or upper arm, especially agonizing pain at night. As the stage progresses, complaints of movement restriction up to the shoulder stiffness occur.


The aim of the therapy is the operative reconstruction of the tendon function and the restoration of the strength and mobility in the shoulder joint.

A minimally invasive ambulatory arthroscopic operation of the shoulder joint is used to fix the damaged tendon attachment with detachable thread anchors, which reconstruct the tendon with the bone. This will result in a complete healing.