Bursitis Trochanterica ( mucosal inflammation of the hip):

The mucous membrane inflammation of the hip (bursitis trochanterica) is an inflammation-related process involving the mucus bag of the large trochanter major of the thigh bone.

In mucous membrane inflammation of the hip, pain occurs in the upper, outer region of the thigh, especially during palpation and finger pressure, during walking and during changes of direction. In the acute phase, it is possible that the patient lags, has difficulty in walking and climbing stairs.


The causes are traumatic, repeated micro-traumatizations and functional overloads of tendons running along the pouch. A muscular and anatomical imbalance can trigger this disease; For example, a shorter leg, a twisted pelvis, and an erroneous application of the foot produce greater friction on the mucus bag.
Also a wrong or exaggerated training behavior can trigger the inflammation, because the structure is irritated by a permanent rubbing.


– In the acute phase, the most important measures are cold treatment and resting, but this is not always sufficient.

– Use of laser therapy or shockwave therapy

– Infiltration with anti-inflammatory drugs