Arthritis of the hip joint:

Hip joint arthritis is the wear of the hip joint accompanied by high-grade cartilage damage in the cartilage lining of the hip.


– A birth-related dislocation of the hip and hip joint (hip dysplasia)

– accident-related defects due to bone fractures (posttraumatic coxarthrosis)

– Circulation disorders (necrosis of the head) and wear-induced changes of the articular cartilage.


Painful restricted internal rotation of the hip joint and a resulting minor mobility. Due to the cartilage loss, the hip head gets in contact with the bony hip socket and results in a pain that is mainly projected onto the inguinal region.


early to moderate hip joint arthritis can be treated with intra-articular injections. The early stages are treated with intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections. In this process, cartilaginous substance (hyaluronic acid) is inserted directly into the hip joint.

High-grade hip arthritis is often treated by total replacement of the hip joint (artificial hip joint).