Soft tissue tumors of the skin are mostly benign. These benign tumors often develop in connective or fatty tissue. Soft tissue tumors can also develop in nerve or muscle tissue.
Soft tissue tumors are named after their place of origin.  
A lipoma forms in fatty tissue. This lipoma is surrounded by a capsule and is one of the most common benign soft tissue tumors.
Fibromas, on the other hand, originate in connective tissue. These types of tumors can be hard or soft and contain many vessels, but are usually slow-growing.
An atheroma is a benign growth in the subcutaneous tissue. A cyst forms that is filled with sebum and skin cells and can reach the size of an apple.
Colloquially, this type of benign soft tissue tumor is also referred to as a grits bag.

These tumors are then removed in our practice on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. The removed tissue is then examined in order to be able to rule out a malignant tumor with certainty.