Tennis arm (tennis and golf elbow):

Both the tennis and the golf elbow are tendon changes, which can cause severe pain. In the case of a tennis elbow, the outer side of the elbow is affected, the inner side of the golfer’s arm. Most sufferers feel a local, pricking pain, which is reinforced by bending the elbow. The pain in the arm leads to a weakening of the hand and finger muscles, which is why patients often can not grasp easily.


Cause is usually too much stress in work or sports. The pain can radiate into the lower or upper arm.


There are stress-related pain and blockages, giving-way ‘episodes indicated. Patients often complain about a final movement restriction.



Immobilization, laser therapy, magnetic field therapy, fascia therapy, shockwave therapy.


The operation is performed on an outpatient basis by denervation around the respective tendon attachment. This is then released from the elbow bone which leads to a reduction in the muscle tension.